HAVASI – Voices of Change.

Project Description


During our lives, we keep developing by the things we go through. We continuously learn from each other, the influences that affect us and of course from our own actions. Some change through religion, others by helping people and yet others by the positive force of music. What matters is positive change itself, not the way you achieve it. In addition, Voices Of Change says while we were born in different continents, we speak the same language deep in our hearts. And that common language is the language of music.

Voices Of Change is one of the biggest artistic endeavours of HAVASI, where the pianist-composer’s special musical world is involved in yet another merger, this time with the tune of Amazing Grace and the American gospel culture. Featuring the Harlem Gospel Choir, and Gigi Radics, the grandiose movement places one of the most famous Christian sacred songs of all times in HAVASI’s usual symphonic and world music context.

It was a memorable moment when Gigi Radics, the young Hungarian singer, met the members of the Harlem Gospel Choir in the studio, where the world famous singers applauded the winner of Megastar 6 after their joint work. Her gift is increasingly noted around the world: Quincy Jones invited her in person to sing at the Montreux Jazz Festival, presenting her on stage as a “big promise of music”.

The recordings were directed by Péter Pejtsik, HAVASI’s creative partner, who has played a key role in building the rich musical world of the Symphonic Show from the beginning, and this time also contributed to the work as a cellist. The monumental musical movement received contributions from nearly 100 other artists. The Budafok Dohnányi Symphony Orchestra has been HAVASI’s permanent artistic partner at concerts and in studio works, and the drums were played by Endi, the percussionist of Hooligans. Dániel Szabó made a contribution with his Irish flute.

The director, script writer and director of photography of the clip was Péter Gráf, who chose New York as the filming location. The creative idea was to offer a glimpse of four human fates through four different characters in the musical video, just like in a short feature film.


Client: Balazs Havasi
Director: Graf Peter

Project Details

  • Client Havasi
  • Date December 2, 2013
  • Tags VFX

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