Magic Garden.

Project Description

A child develops the most between infancy and three years of age. This is when they develop emotions, how to orient in space and learn how to use their bodies. At the same time the development of imagination and self-confidence plays a fundamental role.

The “Magic Garden” animated film series is meant to foster these abilities and skills from six months to three years of age. All this is done by a delightful girl of a similar age wrapped in a cape.

In a dramaturgical sense, the stories are simple, straightforward and built in a similar structure. In the first part, HollyPolly explains to her friends, with the help of her imagination, what she needs to do or accomplish in that day. In the second part, the desired goal is realized together. In the third part, they enjoy the, sometimes intangible, fruits of their labor. The outcome of each episode always comes down to that what HollyPolly imagines can be accomplished with a little bit of effort, organization and sometimes serious work. Through the stories, the children come to understand the connection of cause-and-effect which greatly contributes to the healthy development of the children’s confidence.


Project Details

  • Date January 8, 2017
  • Tags In production
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