Matiu And The Kanakas.

Project Description

Matiu and the Kanakas is an animated feature film of exciting adventure in a fantastic land under the Earth’s surface. The film is about 90 minutes long and is a classical situational comedy  deriving from conflicts and strange encounters between the protagonist and the characters of this odd world. Each Little episode of the story builds and evolves on the relationships of the Six main and four supporting characters.

The story is about Matiu who is accidently teleported to the barren world of Magmaland. This strange but hot and barren world exists under the Earth’s surface and gets its light and energy from the magmaball in Earths center. The world is inhabited by the kanakas whom differ from humans in every possible way. They appear very different from humans and look more like squids then humanoids. Their main concern is water, which they have don’t have nearly enough of. Ropata And the mysterious kanaka leader was working on a teleportation device to bring more water to their lands but the prototype is destroyed as it brings Matiu to them. Ropata’s family hide Matiu from the dangers of this world and treat him like he was part of their family. Matiu’s adventure among the kanakas is a story about overcoming differences and maintaining family values despite conflicts.

The main character is Matiu a Maori wide boy, born and raised on the islands of Polynesia. He shares the seat with the kanaka family he is adopted by.  The family is led by Ropata the scientist. He is married to Awa a neurotic housewife and have a daughter called Kiri who is becoming quite a genius herself with her heart on the right place. They have a dog, Hehu, and a household robot named Hari. The prime minister is the evil genious Kiapolo, who is Ropata’s rival whose life work, is to create a dimensional gate and to be the only one leader of the kanaka world. Ropata has a stepson, Ruru, who is also Kiris boyfriend. The final supporting character is the myterious kanaka LEADER who works with Ropata on the teleport machine. At the midpoint of the story he unveils hisself and turn out to Matiu’s lost father.


Project Details

  • Date January 8, 2017
  • Tags Feature
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