What Is It?.

Project Description

Experiences in the first years of a child deeply influence their fate, life experience and social integration and overall capabilities. For our children to have a healthy, harmonious and fulfilled childhood, they need to get to know their environment. It is needed for them as at this age everything is new and unknown. The kids ask questions like “What is it?”, “What is this for?”, “Why?” and “How do I use this?” about everything. This is the special era of development which starts from the age of two.

The planned series is modeled on the first books children experience, the so called picture books with importance on discovery and story-telling to describe everyday life. We tell stories about actions and events while so the child can gain experience about these topics and learn that everything has a name. They learn what they are shown, how it works, what it is for and how to use it. These experiences raise their level of self-awareness so they will easily distinguish themselves from the world surrounding them.


Project Details

  • Date April 8, 2017
  • Tags In production
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